The right size for your storage needs - when you don't have the space... use our place!

Let the information below serve as a storage guide - all sizes are approximate

Storage Unit Doors at Self Service Mini StorageIf you have any questions, please call or stop in to talk to our friendly and professional on-site managers. They will be happy to help answer any questions to help ensure you choose the proper size for your storage needs.
All of our units have concrete floors and metal roll-up doors.  The units are clean and dry.

5 x 5

  • About the size of an apartment storage locker or a small closet. Good for boxes, plastic totes, and items that can be stacked.

5 x 10

  • Will hold 2 average sized rooms of furniture.
  • Alternatively, will also hold 1 motorcycle or two small dirtbikes.

10 x 10

  • Will hold 3 average or 3-1/2 small rooms of furniture.
  • This size is often adequate for a 1 bedroom apartment.

10 x 15

  • This size will hold 3 large rooms (or 4 smaller rooms) full of furniture.
  • Alternatively, this size can hold a small sports car.

10 x 20

  • About the size of a one-car garage.
  • Will hold 5 average (6 smaller) rooms full of furniture.
  • Will hold a standard sized car.

10 x 30

  • Will hold 7 or 8 rooms of furniture
  • Can hold (individually) trucks, small motorhomes, boats.
  • Ideal for store inventory, equipment, etc.

10 x 40

  • Will hold 8 or 10 rooms of furniture.
  • Can hold two cars.
  • This sized unit has a door on each end.